[Quantitative and objective evaluation of vocal function after vertical hemilaryngectomy].

  • D. Liu, S. Bi, Guangbiao Wang
  • Published 1998 in Lin chuang er bi yan hou ke za zhi = Journal of clinical otorhinolaryngology


The lately invented instrument, phono laryngograph, which can evaluate objectively vocal function, was used to determine separately in 30 normal adults and 30 patients with laryngeal carcinoma treated primarily by vertical hemilaryngectomy from 1984 to 1994. The results showed that mean air flow rate, intensity, MPT, have significant difference between surgical groups and normal group (P < 0.01). There is pitch difference between surgical groups and normal group (P < 0.05). We also found that the determined values have significant difference between postoperative two years and postoperative ten years groups (P < 0.01).


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