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are nanodevices that will be used for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the human body against pathogens. Nano is one billionth of one. Nanotechnology is the technology in which the operations are performed on nanometrics. It is the application of different technologies primarily interested in the reduction of size. The credential part of this paper gives the theoretical application of nanodevices in the treatment of AIDS. Some of the drugs of specific composition are given to the patients depending on the intensity of the disease. The drugs using nowadays are able to increase the lifetime to a few years only. To make the treatment more specific, we use the nanodevices that use nanosensors to sense the AIDS infected WBC's. In this we are using nanorobots to get back the HIV infected WBC's. By this the constant levels of WBC's are maintained in the blood stream. Thus the AIDS patient is provided with the immune system so that he can defend himself from diseases. We have explained our idea in this paper and we hope that this theoretical approach can be made practical in the near future, so that the killer disease AIDS could also be made in control on the hands of Human with the emerging new technology like nanotechonology which has a Bio


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